SITE Centers Reports First Quarter 2019 Operating Results

BEACHWOOD, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SITE Centers Corp. (NYSE: SITC) today announced operating results for
the quarter ended March 31, 2019.

Our focus on leasing and operations began to bear fruit in the first
quarter of 2019, with same store NOI growth and, in turn, OFFO well
above plan,” commented David R. Lukes, president and chief executive
officer. “Leasing is the most important component of SITE Centers’
five-year plan and we remain excited about our momentum and prospects
for growth in 2019.”

Results for the Quarter

  • First quarter net income attributable to common shareholders was $27.4
    million, or $0.15 per diluted share, as compared to net loss of $62.5
    million, or $0.34 per diluted share, in the year ago-period. The
    year-over-year increase in net income is primarily attributable to
    lower debt extinguishment charges, transaction costs and interest
    expense in 2019 partially offset by the dilutive impact of the
    spin-off of Retail Value Inc. (“RVI”).
  • First quarter operating funds from operations attributable to common
    shareholders (“Operating FFO” or “OFFO”) was $58.7 million, or $0.32
    per diluted share, compared to $97.8 million, or $0.53 per diluted
    share, in the year ago-period. The year-over-year decrease in OFFO is
    primarily attributable to the dilutive impact of the spin-off of RVI
    partially offset by lower interest expense and higher fee income.

Significant First Quarter Activity

  • Sold five shopping centers for an aggregate sales price of $185.6
    million, totaling $89.9 million at SITE Centers’ share, including
    $12.4 million from the repayment of the Company’s preferred equity
    investment in its two joint ventures with Blackstone.
  • Entered into a management agreement with Column Financial, Inc., an
    affiliate of Credit Suisse, related to a portfolio of 83 properties
    anchored by Shopko. The Company’s management of the assets is expected
    to generate a one-time $1.0 million fee, of which $0.5 million was
    recorded in the first quarter.
  • Received a $1.8 million fee related to the refinancing of RVI’s loan
    facility. The fee was excluded from OFFO.

Key Quarterly Operating Results

  • Reported 2.0% same store net operating income growth on a pro rata
    basis for the quarter.
  • Generated new leasing spreads of 23.2% and renewal leasing spreads of
    7.9%, both on a pro rata basis, for the quarter and new leasing
    spreads of 21.6% and renewal leasing spreads of 7.0%, both on a pro
    rata basis, for the trailing twelve-month period.
  • Reported a leased rate of 93.0% at March 31, 2019 on a pro rata basis,
    compared to 92.7% at December 31, 2018 and 93.6% at March 31, 2018.
    The 60 basis point decline year-over-year primarily is related to the
    bankruptcy of Toys “R” Us.
  • Annualized base rent per occupied square foot on a pro rata basis was
    $17.92 at March 31, 2019, compared to $17.16 at March 31, 2018.


The Company has updated its 2019 full year guidance for net income
attributable to common shareholders and Operating FFO per share to
include the impact of the first quarter operating results. Disposition
and refinancing fees from RVI are excluded from guidance. The guidance
update is as follows:

FY2019E (original) FY2019E (revised)
Per Share – Diluted   Per Share – Diluted
Net income attributable to common shareholders $0.24 – $0.29 $0.25 – $0.30
Depreciation and amortization of real estate 0.77 – 0.79 0.83 – 0.85
Equity in net (income) of JVs (0.04) – (0.05) (0.02)
JVs’ FFO 0.14 – 0.16 0.14 – 0.16
Gain on disposition of real estate (first quarter actual) N/A (0.09)
Impairment of real estate / reserve of preferred equity interests
(first quarter actual)
N/A   0.01
FFO (NAREIT) and Operating FFO $1.13 – $1.18 $1.14 – $1.19
Other key assumptions for 2019 guidance include:
FY2019E (prior)   FY2019E (revised)
SSNOI 1% – 2% 1.25% – 2.00%
RVI fee income (excluding disposition/refinancing fees) $23 – $25 million $22 – $24 million
Joint Venture fee income $20 – $24 million $21 – $25 million
Interest income $14 – $17 million $14 – $17 million
General & administrative expenses $62 million $61 million

Financial Statement Presentation Change

On January 1, 2019, the Company adopted the accounting framework for
leases, ASU No. 2016-02, Leases (“Topic 842”). The following is a
summary of the presentation changes within the 2019 Consolidated
Statement of Operations required by the adoption of the new standard:

  • All income related to tenant leases is reflected in a single “Rental
    income” line item.
  • The impact of bad debt is now a component of the single Rental income
    line item and is no longer a component of Operating and Maintenance
    expenses. This change is reflected in 2019 reporting periods but has
    not been made to 2018 historical results.
  • Real estate taxes paid by certain major tenants directly to the taxing
    authority are no longer reflected in Rental Income and Real estate tax
    expense. This change is reflected in 2019 reporting periods but has
    not been made to 2018 historical results.

Supplemental footnote support has been provided herein for comparability
purposes. The Company’s Net income, Net operating income and Operating
FFO were not impacted by these presentation changes.

About SITE Centers Corp.

SITE Centers is an owner and manager of open-air shopping centers that
provide a highly-compelling shopping experience and merchandise mix for
retail partners and consumers. The Company is a self-administered and
self-managed REIT operating as a fully integrated real estate company,
and is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker
symbol SITC. Additional information about the Company is available at
To be included in the Company’s e-mail distributions for press releases
and other investor news, please click here.

Conference Call and Supplemental Information

The Company will hold its quarterly conference call tomorrow at 9:00
a.m. Eastern Time. To participate with access to the slide presentation,
please visit the Investor Relations portion of SITE’s website,,
or for audio only, dial 888-317-6003 (U.S.), 866-284-3684 (Canada) or
412-317-6061 (international) using pass code 7499934 at least ten
minutes prior to the scheduled start of the call. A replay of the
conference call will also be available at
for one year after the call. A copy of the Company’s Supplemental
package is available on the Company’s website.

Non-GAAP Measures

Funds from Operations (“FFO”) is a supplemental non-GAAP financial
measure used as a standard in the real estate industry and is a widely
accepted measure of real estate investment trust (“REIT”) performance.
Management believes that both FFO and Operating FFO provide additional
indicators of the financial performance of a REIT. The Company also
believes that FFO and Operating FFO more appropriately measure the core
operations of the Company and provide benchmarks to its peer group.

In December 2018, the National Association of Real Estate Investment
Trusts (“NAREIT”) issued NAREIT Funds From Operations White Paper –
2018 Restatement
(“2018 FFO White Paper”). The purpose of the 2018
FFO White Paper was not to change the fundamental definition of FFO but
to clarify existing guidance and to consolidate into a single document
alerts and policy bulletins issued by NAREIT since the last FFO white
paper was issued in 2002. The 2018 FFO White Paper was effective
starting with first quarter 2019 reporting. The changes to the Company’s
calculation of FFO resulting from the adoption of the 2018 FFO White
Paper relate to the exclusion of gains or losses on the sale of land as
well as related impairments, gains or losses from changes in control and
the reserve adjustment of preferred equity interests. The Company
adopted changes in its calculation in 2019 on a retrospective basis.

FFO is generally defined and calculated by the Company as net income
(loss) (computed in accordance with GAAP), adjusted to exclude (i)
preferred share dividends, (ii) gains and losses from disposition of
real estate property and related investments, which are presented net of
taxes, (iii) impairment charges on real estate property and related
investments including reserve adjustments of preferred equity interests,
(iv) gains and losses from changes in control and (v) certain non-cash
items. These non-cash items principally include real property
depreciation and amortization of intangibles, equity income (loss) from
joint ventures and equity income (loss) from non-controlling interests
and adding the Company’s proportionate share of FFO from its
unconsolidated joint ventures and non-controlling interests, determined
on a consistent basis. The Company’s calculation of FFO is consistent
with the definition of FFO provided by NAREIT. The Company calculates
Operating FFO as FFO excluding certain non-operating charges, income and
gains. Operating FFO is useful to investors as the Company removes
non-comparable charges, income and gains to analyze the results of its
operations and assess performance of the core operating real estate
portfolio. Other real estate companies may calculate FFO and Operating
FFO in a different manner.

In calculating the expected range for or amount of net (loss) income
attributable to common shareholders to estimate projected FFO and
Operating FFO for future periods, the Company does not include a
projection of gain and losses from the disposition of real estate
property, potential impairments and reserves of real estate property and
related investments, debt extinguishment costs, hurricane-related
activity, certain transaction costs or certain fee income. Other real
estate companies may calculate expected FFO and Operating FFO in a
different manner.

The Company also uses net operating income (“NOI”), a non-GAAP financial
measure, as a supplemental performance measure. NOI is calculated as
property revenues less property-related expenses. The Company believes
NOI provides useful information to investors regarding the Company’s
financial condition and results of operations because it reflects only
those income and expense items that are incurred at the property level
and, when compared across periods, reflects the impact on operations
from trends in occupancy rates, rental rates, operating costs and
acquisition and disposition activity on an unleveraged basis.

The Company presents NOI information herein on a same store basis or
“SSNOI.” The Company defines SSNOI as property revenues less
property-related expenses, which exclude straight-line rental income
(including reimbursements) and expenses, lease termination income in
excess of lost rent, management fee expense, fair market value of leases
and expense recovery adjustments. SSNOI also excludes activity
associated with development and major redevelopment and includes assets
owned in comparable periods (15 months for quarter comparisons). SSNOI
excludes all non-property and corporate level revenue and expenses.
Other real estate companies may calculate NOI and SSNOI in a different
manner. The Company believes SSNOI provides investors with additional
information regarding the operating performances of comparable assets
because it excludes certain non-cash and non-comparable items as noted

FFO, Operating FFO, NOI and SSNOI do not represent cash generated from
operating activities in accordance with GAAP, are not necessarily
indicative of cash available to fund cash needs and should not be
considered as alternatives to net income computed in accordance with
GAAP, as indicators of the Company’s operating performance or as
alternatives to cash flow as a measure of liquidity. Reconciliations of
these non-GAAP measures to their most directly comparable GAAP measures
are included in this release and the accompanying financial supplement.
Reconciliation of 2019 SSNOI projected growth target to the most
directly comparable GAAP financial measure is not provided because the
Company is unable to provide such reconciliation without unreasonable

Safe Harbor

SITE Centers Corp. considers portions of the information in this press
release to be forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section
27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities
Exchange Act of 1934, both as amended, with respect to the Company’s
expectation for future periods. Although the Company believes that the
expectations reflected in such forward-looking statements are based upon
reasonable assumptions, it can give no assurance that its expectations
will be achieved. For this purpose, any statements contained herein that
are not historical fact may be deemed to be forward-looking statements.
There are a number of important factors that could cause our results to
differ materially from those indicated by such forward-looking
statements, including, among other factors, local conditions such as
supply of space or a reduction in demand for real estate in the area;
competition from other available space; dependence on rental income from
real property; the loss of, significant downsizing of or bankruptcy of a
major tenant and the impact of any such event on rental income from
other tenants and our properties; redevelopment and construction
activities may not achieve a desired return on investment; our ability
to buy or sell assets on commercially reasonable terms; our ability to
complete acquisitions or dispositions of assets under contract; our
ability to secure equity or debt financing on commercially acceptable
terms or at all; our ability to enter into definitive agreements with
regard to our financing and joint venture arrangements and our ability
to satisfy conditions to the completion of these arrangements; the
termination of any joint venture arrangements or arrangements to manage
real property; property damage, expenses related thereto and other
business and economic consequences (including the potential loss of
rental revenues) resulting from extreme weather conditions in locations
where we own properties, and the ability to estimate accurately the
amounts thereof; sufficiency and timing of any insurance recovery
payments related to damages from extreme weather conditions; any change
in strategy; our ability to maintain REIT status; and the finalization
of the financial statements for the period ended March 31, 2019. For
additional factors that could cause the results of the Company to differ
materially from those indicated in the forward-looking statements,
please refer to the Company’s most recent report on Form 10-K for the
year ended December 31, 2018. The Company undertakes no obligation to
publicly revise these forward-looking statements to reflect events or
circumstances that arise after the date hereof.

SITE Centers Corp.

Income Statement: Consolidated Interests

$ in thousands, except per share


Rental income (1) $112,221 $203,766
Other property revenues 1,469 1,191
Business interruption income 0 2,000
113,690 206,957
Operating and maintenance (2) 18,841 33,026
Real estate taxes 17,743 32,023
36,584 65,049
Net operating income 77,106 141,908
Other income (expense):
Fee income (3) 17,332 8,111
Interest income 4,521 5,341
Interest expense (21,726) (44,040)
Depreciation and amortization (42,608) (74,424)
General and administrative (4) (14,112) (12,846)
Other income (expense), net (5) 153 (61,607)
Impairment charges (620) (30,444)
Hurricane property loss 0 (750)
Income (loss) before earnings from JVs and other 20,046 (68,751)
Equity in net income of JVs 1,043 8,786
Reserve of preferred equity interests (1,099) (3,961)
Gain on disposition of real estate, net 16,377 10,011
Tax (expense) benefit (272) 18
Net income (loss) 36,095 (53,897)
Non-controlling interests (305) (256)
Net income (loss) SITE Centers 35,790 (54,153)
Preferred dividends (8,383) (8,383)
Net income (loss) Common Shareholders $27,407 ($62,536)
Weighted average shares – Basic – EPS (6) 180,546 184,560
Assumed conversion of diluted securities 545 0
Weighted average shares – Basic & Diluted – EPS (6) 181,091 184,560
Earnings per common share – Basic (6) $0.15 $(0.34)
Earnings per common share – Diluted (6) $0.15 $(0.34)
Rental income:
(1) Minimum rents $74,961 $136,917
Ground lease minimum rents 5,018 9,970
Percentage rent 1,376 1,808
Recoveries 27,461 51,354
Lease termination fees 2,587 521
Ancillary rental income 1,259 3,196
Bad debt (441) N/A
(2) Bad debt (prior to adoption of Topic 842) N/A (97)
(3) Fee Income:
JV and other fees 7,876 8,111
RVI fees 6,556 0
RVI disposition fees 1,100 0
RVI refinancing fee 1,800 0
(4) General and administrative expenses:
Internal leasing expenses (1,945) (1,196)
Construction administrative costs (capitalized) 626 1,370
(5) Other income (expense), net
Transaction and other expense, net 163 (5,175)
Debt extinguishment costs, net (10) (56,432)
(6) Prior periods presented have been adjusted to reflect the Company’s
one-for-two reverse stock split.
SITE Centers Corp.

Reconciliation: Net Income (Loss) to FFO and Operating FFO

and Other Financial Information

$ in thousands, except per share
1Q19   1Q18
Net income (loss) attributable to Common Shareholders $27,407 ($62,536)
Depreciation and amortization of real estate 40,957 72,859
Equity in net income of JVs (1,043) (8,786)
JVs’ FFO 7,975 7,170
Non-controlling interests 28 53
Impairment of real estate 620 30,444
Reserve of preferred equity interests 1,099 3,961
Gain on disposition of real estate, net (16,377) (10,011)
FFO attributable to Common Shareholders $60,666 $33,154
RVI disposition and refinancing fees (2,900) 0
Mark-to-market adjustment (PRSUs) 899 0
Hurricane property loss, net 0 2,535
Debt extinguishment, transaction, net 22 61,607
Joint ventures – debt extinguishment, other 14 454
Total non-operating items, net (1,965) 64,596
Operating FFO attributable to Common Shareholders $58,701 $97,750
Weighted average shares & units – Basic: FFO & OFFO (1) 180,690 184,735
Assumed conversion of dilutive securities (1) 545 8
Weighted average shares & units – Diluted: FFO & OFFO (1) 181,235 184,743
FFO per share – Basic (1) $0.34 $0.18
FFO per share – Diluted (1) $0.33 $0.18
Operating FFO per share – Basic & Diluted (1) $0.32 $0.53
Common stock dividends declared, per share (1) $0.20 $0.19
Capital expenditures (SITE Centers share):
Development and redevelopment costs 6,849 20,474
Maintenance capital expenditures (2) 1,398 521
Tenant allowances and landlord work 8,311 9,418
Leasing commissions 843 897
Certain non-cash items (SITE Centers share):
Straight-line rent 316 (380)
Straight-line fixed CAM 201 0
Amortization of (above)/below-market rent, net 1,196 1,843
Straight-line ground rent (expense) income (420) (50)
Debt fair value and loan cost amortization (1,122) (2,473)
Capitalized interest expense 271 323
Stock compensation expense (1,855) (1,692)
Non-real estate depreciation expense (1,558) (1,523)
(1) Prior periods presented have been adjusted to reflect the Company’s
one-for-two reverse stock split.
(2) LED lighting program 568 0
SITE Centers Corp.

Balance Sheet: Consolidated Interests

$ in thousands
At Period End
1Q19 4Q18
Land $861,730 $873,548
Buildings 3,215,366 3,251,030
Fixtures and tenant improvements 450,636 448,371
4,527,732 4,572,949
Depreciation (1,197,944) (1,172,357)
3,329,788 3,400,592
Construction in progress and land 55,634 54,917
Real estate, net 3,385,422 3,455,509
Investments in and advances to JVs 126,602 139,732
Investment in and advances to affiliate (1) 224,070 223,985
Receivable – preferred equity interests, net 176,120 189,891
Cash 9,611 11,087
Restricted cash 2,062 2,563
Notes receivable 19,675 19,675
Receivables and straight-line (2) 60,951 67,335
Intangible assets, net (3) 88,719 77,419
Other assets, net 22,791 19,135
Total Assets 4,116,023 4,206,331
Liabilities and Equity:
Revolving credit facilities 40,000 100,000
Unsecured debt 1,646,496 1,646,007
Unsecured term loan 49,676 49,655
Secured debt 87,992 88,743
1,824,164 1,884,405
Dividends payable 44,636 45,262
Other liabilities (4) 194,257 203,662
Total Liabilities 2,063,057 2,133,329
Preferred shares 525,000 525,000
Common shares 18,472 18,471
Paid-in capital 5,545,295 5,544,220
Distributions in excess of net income (3,988,996) (3,980,151)
Deferred compensation 7,954 8,193
Other comprehensive income (1,077) (1,381)
Common shares in treasury at cost (56,703) (44,278)
Non-controlling interests 3,021 2,928
Total Equity 2,052,966 2,073,002
Total Liabilities and Equity $4,116,023 $4,206,331
(1) Preferred investment in RVI $190,000 $190,000
Receivable from RVI 34,070 33,985
(2) Straight-line rents receivable 30,628 31,098
(3) Operating lease right of use assets (related to adoption of Topic
21,962 0
(4) Operating lease liabilities (related to adoption of Topic 842) 40,303 0
Below-market leases, net 48,856 50,332

SITE Centers Corp.

Reconciliation of Net Income (Loss) Attributable to SITE to Same
Store NOI (1)

$ in thousands
At SITE Centers Share
1Q19 1Q18 1Q19 1Q18

GAAP Reconciliation:

Net income (loss) attributable to SITE Centers $35,790 ($54,153) $35,790 ($54,153)
Fee income (17,332) (8,111) (17,332) (8,111)
Interest income (4,521) (5,341) (4,521) (5,341)
Interest expense 21,726 44,040 21,726 44,040
Depreciation and amortization 42,608 74,424 42,608 74,424
General and administrative 14,112 12,846 14,112 12,846
Other expense, net (153) 61,607 (153) 61,607
Impairment charges 620 30,444 620 30,444
Hurricane property and impairment loss 0 750 0 750
Equity in net income of joint ventures (1,043) (8,786) (1,043) (8,786)
Reserve of preferred equity interests 1,099 3,961 1,099 3,961
Tax expense (benefit) 272 (18) 272 (18)
Gain on disposition of real estate (16,377) (10,011) (16,377) (10,011)
Income from non-controlling interests 305 256 305 256
Consolidated NOI 77,106 141,908 77,106 141,908
SITE Centers’ consolidated JV 0 0 (444) (398)
Consolidated NOI, net of non-controlling interests 77,106 141,908 76,662 141,510
Net income from unconsolidated joint ventures 6,666 23,405 774 8,452
Interest expense 25,656 24,243 4,429 3,749
Depreciation and amortization 39,504 39,677 6,167 5,181
Impairment charges 12,267 16,910 2,453 846
Preferred share expense 5,459 6,508 273 325
Other expense, net 5,456 7,421 996 1,289
Gain on disposition of real estate, net (15,966) (38,020) (1,555) (7,448)
Unconsolidated NOI 79,042 80,144 13,537 12,394
Total Consolidated + Unconsolidated NOI 156,148 222,052 90,199 153,904
Less: Non-Same Store NOI adjustments (12,508) (80,255) (8,594) (73,887)
Total SSNOI $143,640 $141,797 $81,605 $80,017
SSNOI % Change 1.3% 2.0%
(1) Excludes major redevelopment activity.


Matthew Ostrower, 216-755-5500
EVP and Chief Financial Officer

Author: dmnnewswire