New pattern recognition solution enables public safety agencies to solve more crimes

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Sept. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Advanced data analytics have changed how public safety agencies leverage data to solve crimes. On the flip side, these agencies are overwhelmed with continuously growing mountains of data. While data-driven policing is on the rise, law enforcement officers have yet to realize the full benefits of situational awareness that helps them differentiate the signal from the noise.

A new solution is evolving the future of data-driven policing and improving how police work is done. “Since 1994, the widespread adoption of CompStat helped law enforcement leverage data analytics, and impact upto a 50% reduction in crime, per FBI data. However, case clearance rates remained stagnant at 45% for violent crime, and 17% for property crime, per Pew Research data. With pattern recognition and dissemination of officer level intelligence at the point-of-need, Elementz is the only solution we have seen that increases clearance rates,” said Dr. Chiranjeev Bordoloi, Managing Partner of I-Square Ventures.

Elementz is a SaaS solution that uses proprietary algorithms to continually search public safety agencies’ data and identify connected crimes. It then provides case officers with highly relevant information through text notifications. The cloud-based platform ingests CAD, RMS, citation, and other disparate data sources, and integrates any law enforcement agency’s data with that of neighboring and partner agencies for a true regional view.

“In years past, policing was very provincial, but now law enforcement is operating at a regional level. Elementz hits the mark by providing law enforcement agencies with the ability to incorporate data from surrounding communities, on top of its pattern recognition capabilities,” said Lieutenant Todd Ahern, Chelmsford, Massachusetts Police Department.

Intelligence gathering has always been at the core of good police work.  RSG President Rufus Simmons took this complex mix of art and science to a sophisticated new level by combining  his Engineering background and AWS Big Data Specialist certification to help public safety agencies eliminate key challenges associated with intelligence gathering.

“Elementz is exactly what we need for 21st century policing. It provides instantaneous relevant information from separate incidents in real-time and enhances the probability of solving crimes while improving officer awareness,” said Captain Michael Kilmartin, Lowell, Massachusetts Police Department.

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